Sunday, June 26, 2011


I've decided I love June. The tomatoes leaves are still green and everything is in the "growing" phase but now large enough to look lush. The summer thunderstorms are more frequent and the cicadas are beginning to be loud.

By July, things start to look ragged, turn brown and are generally worn out! Plus, June's flowers are some beauties - gladioli, roses, hydrangea, daylilies and dahlia. (May's are also great, by the way - peony, roses, azalea, etc.)

Some of these photos you've seen before:
Anticipating a thunderstorm on a June afternoon at a friend's house.  Could you get any more lush than this?
Still ripening...I think someone/thing's harvesting these....hmmm

tomato, peppers and corn

Coming along

Looking healthy


a patch of daylilies

The climbing rose on our back stair

I love climbing roses
No brown to mar the perfect greens.

Another climber

Lush, green corn.

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