Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vacation Bible School, also known as Service Camp

Prayer Safari theme
Because C is now in the older group, they call it Service Camp for them.  Most every day they went out into the community and did something for the local community.

On Monday, they made bookmarks and did other crafts in preparation for that.  On Tuesday, they took water and cookies to the people on the Greenway and local businesses.  On Wednesday half of the group took some of the crafts to a local nursing home to hand out and sang to the people there.  On Thursday that half made more crafts while the other half went to other nursing homes in the area.  On Friday they washed cars and collected donations for the tornado victims. 

Also, throughout the week, everyone collected items to give to the Samaritan Center for area people in need.   Things such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, underwear and other personal items.

C and the 3 D's had a wonderful time.  Of course, the younger two did the regular VBS - theme: Prayer Safari.

Mostly Service camp kids in this pic. There were 103! (just ages 10 - 13)
Here are our 4 little munchkins.
Today they had the "grande finale" in the church and guess who forgot their camera?!

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