Thursday, June 23, 2011

Portly and Snout - Our neighborhood PIGs.

Did I mention we had a couple feral (?) pigs in our neighborhood for about 2 months.  A little later one disappeared and not a month later, the other....after a big shotgun bang one day!  Then the neighbor fires up his char-griller/smoker and I'm sure that was the end of him!  I'm actually sad for him - and us!  He was adorable.  Here are some memorial photos....

Oink.  I'm going to name you "Snout" and your friend, "Porky" or maybe it should be "Portly".

So beautiful you are!

Yes, just sweet!

And so trusting and friendly.

I could just hug you!  Bye-bye Snouty! :-(.  I hope our neighbor enjoyed your chops!

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