Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another Out West Trip - Day ONE and TWO

Honestly I can't tell you where the last 6 months got to - can't believe I haven't had ANYthing to say for 6 months?? Something is wrong here.  Anyhoo, we've done it again and have taken another trip out west.  So we'll start with day one again...

June 1 Monday

Our first picnic lunch

We had unexpected company

They politely declined our food in favor of their own

Such brilliant green almost blinded us

What a cute house!

So we took a quick side trip to Paris

Paris, Tennessee, that is.

Our first campsite was on Reelfoot Lake

It was very windy and cool but not cold
 Day 2 Tuesday, June 2

Hmmm, who are these intrepid travelers?  Seems like they need to get their itinerary straightened out if they're going to travel together!

Somehow (due to the weather), we crossed paths with our previous travels and since this road was open this time, we drove right down to the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi.  S is standing here on the point.  Also a landing spot for Lewis and Clark several decades ago...

Two happy cows


Yah! Especially the last one... (We almost left the kids behind once but that's another story)

Night 2 was at a KOA

Although cool, the girls couldn't pass up a good swim

Or some hair dyeing

Open air salon

2nd campsite (pool in background)

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