Saturday, June 20, 2015

West or Bust Day 9

Left Nevada in a cloud of dust and drove through ominous desert towards Los Angeles.

Desolate looking

Las Vegas's eye in the sky

"New York" in Vegas (I see some wild west in the foreground)

Egypt in Vegas

Ah - at last - the REAL goal of the trip!

A solar power station

In LA we were there the day of the red carpet premier of Jurassic World

Some old hand prints

A couple of my favorites:

I didn't realize Meryl is so small but actually I fit the handprints perfectly (though my feet might be a little wider and shorter!)

Ahh, Patrick.  Make it so!

I think I could be her double....(hush that snicker from the peanut gallery)

Hollywood Boulevard (us folk on the right deciding what to do next)

Hollywood sign in the background (notice the special Disney clothes)

A sweet, edible Ellen - made from jelly beans

Back to the red carpet for Jurassic World - no stars yet!

People were getting their "star" viewing spots early

Ah, bougainvillea makes me homesick

Hollywood dear, you've ruined generations!

A couple street names
On Venice beach, LA

Oooh, the water is much colder than expected!

Driving up the One

We camped along the beach at Carpinteria campground

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