Saturday, June 20, 2015

West or Bust day 3 and 4

Combining days in the midwest (sorry to anyone who happens to live there...)

June 3 Wednesday

Visited a Bass Pro shop nearby in Springfield, Missouri

Looks like he's gonna get you, girls!

Scott something?

Ah, ice-cream for a hot day

Fort Scott

Hmmm, nobody can complain about prisons today...

A big black rat snake

The fishing lake we camped by in the Kansas grasslands

Our free campsite

We climbed a nearby hill - what a view!
 June 4 Thursday

Completely by coincidence we followed this Santa Fe trail for several hundred kms

This is one of many names and dates carved in the rock at this point on the trail

A look-out point - something rock - where the above carvings are

Picnic lunch spot on Day 4 at Fort Larned

Fort Larned entrance

Getting edumacated

Old Bent's fort

We love going into teepees (and acting silly...)

Covered wagon.  Love these.  Thank you brothers for building me one on a wagon, as a kid - I think it lasted more than a day, too. Playing settlers and indians became so vividly real during that time...

Inside the fort

Seems almost cosy

Approaching Pueblo Lake State Park, CO at sunset.  I took this picture especially for the little clouds highlighted against the dark ones. We decided to drive on to Pueblo after not finding an appropriate spot to camp in La Junta or surrounding reservation.

The campsite at Pueblo Lake.  The drama here was when we were told a young (autistic?) boy was lost that evening.  We watched them search the mountain nearby with searchlights and eventually he was found around 10pm.  Praise the Lord.

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