Saturday, June 20, 2015

West or Bust Day 12

Friday, June 12


This dam is low

Approaching Yosemite Valley

Ah - there are El Cap and the Half Dome

Several climbers were on the wall.  The sheer enormity of it is only too obvious from the valley

Lunch time again

We had a lovely swim in this river (Well, one of us paddled, another dunked, another watched, and one "swam" actually)

A "non-denominational" Catholic church

Yosemite Falls

I took this for the dog - it looks terrified

Seems like this would be fun

Storm clouds

Camp Wawona in Yosemite where we stayed.  Delightful place

It was a full week before regular summer camp started and only a few activity counsellors were there

Stan the man

Vespers on the new playing field turf.  You can see the Yurts in the background

We stayed in the Dogwood cabin - with one foot in the NP and one foot in the camp.  I'll explain if you ask me.

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