Saturday, June 20, 2015

West or Bust Day 7

Sunday, June 7

Left Navajo NM and headed to Grand Canyon, North Rim.


More "monuments"

A rocket about to launch

Path down to the horseshoe

Every mother's nightmare - hundreds of feet straight down!

Please don't walk around blindfolded, D!

Amazing vistas

Navajo bridge area.  Sometimes Condor sit on these rocks or on the bridge.  Do you see any?  We didn't either.

Some Africans must live here

Vermilion cliffs area - the condor release area

Picnic lunch with an unbeatable view

Coming into a valley around the north rim

Just had rain recently

Mule deer

The free-roaming bison herd.  We were lucky enough to come across it right by the road

Coming in to claim our cabin

Oh wow!

Just after I dropped the cabin key precariously close to the edge!  After that D kindly put it in her pocket for safety. 

Path out to Bright Angel point

Perfectly manicured against the rock face

National park service program on condors

Inside our cabin

Our cabin was right on the edge of the canyon.  I'm glad we didn't have any sleepwalkers in our group.

Probably over a hundred cabins to choose from

I probably shouldn't mention this but the girls were able to climb into the window from the outside when they were locked out once.  OK...well, we did leave the windows open.


The view from our window

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