Saturday, June 20, 2015

West or Bust Day 6

Sabbath, June 6

Reluctantly we pulled ourselves away from Ouray after some time in the hotel's hot pools, and headed into the mountains and beyond.

Taken from the hotel hot-springs pool

Straight from the spring, piped into this pool

Looking northwest'ish

ahhhh - about 103'F?

The adults-only indoor pool - 106'F

A waterfall visible from the town

Amphitheatre above town


The hot spring canyon - where it originates

The road rises steeply out of Ouray and this is the view of town looking back
Had some nail-bitin', hair-raisin' moments on the road after the previous photo.  People who've been on that horrific scenic road, know just what I'm talking about.  Have the Coloradians ever heard of GUARD RAILS?  When the clouds lifted here and there, we had lovely views of snow-covered peaks. (from whence cometh my help? - my help cometh from the Lord!)

A mountain lake

Though my sins be as scarlet, He shall make them white as snow.  What a promise!

A ghost town - old mining?

Snowboarding?  Must be die-hards

At Silverton, the train had JUST arrived and everyone was disembarking.

And now everyone is dispersed and wandering around town til it's time to return to Durango.

A little tourist trap city square

That face on the side of that State looks mean and serious so pay attention!

Appropriate sign eh?

Hubby says "See, Colorado IS green".  Yeah, this part is, for sure.

Ok, I'll buy THIS farm.

Driving along, minding our own business, when what do we see but a hot spring coming out right next to the road.

Ate a picnic lunch along this river in Durango

Obviously have had plenty of rain...

Drove past Monument valley and toward the high desert of Arizona

But first we had to stop at "4 corners".  Bagged several new states for D right there!

Cactus flower

These eery clouds looked as if you could just reach up and touch them

All these poky rock protuberances were left here after the world-wide flood

The stratus, canyons and formations are so obviously catastrophic and enormous - beautiful to see.  This is in the Navajo National Monument

Our campsite at "Sunset View" campground

And here is the sunset - a gorgeous end to a beautiful Sabbath

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