Saturday, June 20, 2015

West or Bust day 8

Monday, June 8

Got up early to catch the morning sun rising over the canyon.  Dh got up around 4:30 to catch the first rays. These pictures were quite a bit later.

Buffet breakfast at table 81 - right by the window!

Stopped by a fire tower and climbed to the top

Checkerboard mountain in Zion National Park

These rocks were so obviously soft at one point

We had a very long tunnel and I mean LONG.

Yeah?  What are you trying to tell us?

See that little hole in the cliff?  That is along the tunnel.

Picnic lunch under a hummingbird's nest

Zoomed in a bit

A little tourist town

We camped just outside Las Vegas at Hilltop campground.  Due to the drought, no running water!  The port 'o potties were up to the top, no kidding...

These reminded me of Edelweiss

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