Saturday, June 20, 2015

West or Bust Day 10

From Carpinteria we continued up the Hwy 1 with the most spectacular scenery.

First, the Carpinteria beach in the morning

oh my kelp fan....


Chasing an egret

it escaped

Looking at a seal

fuzzy close-up

I'll be brave and get wet


Strawberry fields

These are BY FAR the most delicious strawberries we have EVER tasted.  The whole flat was gone in a couple hours

Words fail me

Look for the harbor seal

An albino squirrel begs at lunch time

Elephant seals are the funniest animals!

Do you see the man on the rock down below?  I wonder if he's contemplating jumping into the surf?  He didn't while we were there.

Rabbit Man

Little puppies playing on the beach - chihuahuas I think.

Oh sadness, every time they wanted to swim it was really cold or rough.

Motel 8 in Monterey, CA.  Lovely room/suite

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