Saturday, June 20, 2015

West or Bust Day 11

June 11, Thursday

Leaving Monterey, we stopped at Elkhorn Slough pronounced "Slew" (I, speaking only the Queen's English, would have said "Slahff" ahem) and on up the coast towards San Francisco.

Sea otters were all over the place playing around


Where we come from we have a Ross' landing

A little harbor seal came near too

She loudly scolded us for being too close
Hmmm, amphibious?

We stopped at Henry Cowell reserve to see the Redwoods and to meet an old friend and her family

This tree was a baby around the time Jesus was born

They add on to each other

Coming out of a tree

Nope, we can't reach around it

Sorrel/Sour grass growing between the trees. If you enlarge it you'll see where the sun shines, the sorrel leaves are all folded in

The oldest tree in this grove

Little steam train arriving

Low tide was around 12:30 so around then we quickly stopped at some rock pools to do some tide-pooling

The claws look too long to be a dog's but maybe...

Layers of sand

Uh-oh, the mist is rolling in...

Picnic lunch

Hubby helped a lady change her flat tire

We got there close to rush hour
 Check out these neat houses

Too bad the Golden Gate was socked in...

The mist was very localized!

Hoping no earthquakes just at this moment


                We spent the night at a motel in Livermore (after several "no vacancies" we ended up in a dive...haha, we'll chalk it up to experience!)                                                                

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