Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out West day Eight

40 degrees F this morning.  Grateful we have a little heater.  Pancakes for breakfast then off to the visitor's center.  After that it's on down the road to Moose junction, stopping for photos here and there, and a hike up the Lupine Meadows trail for about an hour.  We're feeling the altitude!  Huffing and puffing.  Then on down to Jackson.
Good morning fellow campers! Next door we had a group of teens who brought some liveliness to the campground the previous evening.  They're off to Yellowstone today, it seems.  Well, enough of other people's business...

Me thinks this is one of those classic views



Bunny ears/Antenna

Mt Moran

Look how crystal clear this is.  Jenny Lake

Pretending to be an artist

Lupine Meadows trail head area

Stopping for a break at a little brook


I'll huff and I'll puff, all the way up.

Views into the valley

Looking for bear everywhere (and not necessarily wanting to see one, especially up close).

Resting at the "top".  (Our top, anyway).

S's favorite place (Tetons) on this trip

We had lunch at a little restaurant, along with some yellow jackets who wanted some too.

Got a call here from my brother who told me Mom had fallen and broken a rib.  Sorry, Mom!  Kind of made the food heavy in my stomach...

The famous antlers in Jackson.  They're still there, everybody!

Heading north towards Yellowstone

We crossed the divide several times on this trip, all at different elevations.  This was one of the highest.

Our site at Grant Village.  The campground was practically empty.

We had a roaring fire for all of 5 minutes...no dry wood!  

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