Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out West day Six

Hello again.  Just to refresh your memory, I'm posting the map photo again.

Right now we're on the west side of South Dakota in the Black Hills area (if you can see details)
This morning when we got up to shower, there was another amazing sunrise!

Sunday sunrise

You had to be up early to see this though - it was before 7am
 We drove past Crazy Horse, Sylvan Lake, the Needles, Cathedral Spires then down to Wind Cave Nat'l Park.  Up to Jewel Cave NMonument, and then into Wyoming and Devils' Tower.

Crazy Horse in the making


At some overlook spot just before Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake

The needles

Gauge the size from the motorbike.  This was the narrowest tunnel - only 8 feet wide.

Strange spires here, there and everywhere

The eye of the needle

Someone attempting to boulder it.


View over the valley

Looking towards the narrow tunnel and needles

As you can tell, it's a little cool

Cathedral spires

Isn't this logo cool.  Here we are at the Wind Cave Nat'l Park visitor center

Heading towards Jewel cave and Wyoming

Dramatic skies heading towards Devil's Tower

Our first glimpse of DT

Watching some climbers 

Close up of a route S did over 20 yrs ago

Pointing to the route.  Using his camera I got his finger pointing directly at it.

Looks like a baby about to be born (sort of, right?)

We had to stop for this rainbow

Then we noticed it was a double, no wait, a triple. Maybe even a quadruple!  Just couldn't get far enough away to get the whole thing

Not too far from where we hit a young deer.  Oh dear, it went flying (into eternity, I'm afraid).  No damage to the van, thankfully.

I mean, this was REALLY black.  It was a little unnerving but we were heading in the opposite direction!

We found another suitable BLM campsite.  Also near the top of a hill in a natural amphitheatre.  Heard coyotes yipping in the hills nearby.  Antelope, horses, cows in the vicinity in this free-range area.

Supper in the making - Mashed potato and gravy, "chicken" pieces (fake, of course), broccoli and salad, if I recall correctly.

Looking over the valley ahead

An easy walk to the top of the little hill behind us

Looking down at the camping spot.

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