Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out West day Fifteen

Traveled down past Salt Lake City, Provo etc, to Green River where we spent the night at a KOA.  Due to losing a couple days photos for almost a month, I used some of S's pics.  Miraculously the missing photos were found (I praise the Lord!) and I'll add them to S's rather than replacing them - since he is, after all, the better photographer hands down!


Seems like an odd number for a sub

Some of those numbers were huge!

Thank you whoever, for putting interpretive stations all along the highway to educate us.  It's always very interesting.

Approaching SLC (Salt Lake City)

We could see they had just had a lot of rain.  In fact, there had been flooding in the area, here and farther south.

I think we have 'weather' ahead of us again!

That's pouring rain over SLC

Rolling hills

And getting into the Sasquatch range around SLC, so famous for ski resorts.  
Salt Lake City

Do I see the capital building?

How photo-worthy!

Thankfully the truck is waiting...

Where there's rain, there's often a rainbow, right? Another beautiful sign of God's promise!

I'm sad to say we're all on our "devices"!

Several kids just left so it was only C at the pool now.  What fun to have a slide.

Our Green River KOA campsite.  Actually the CG was quite full and we managed to get a "tent" site.  Since we camp in the van, we're good to go!

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