Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out West day Eighteen and Nineteen

After a side trip into Walsenburg itself to see Robert Ford's house (never heard of him), we headed south on I-25.  Misty, rainy and 35 degrees as mentioned before.  Welcome to Colorado!

The beautiful view this morning

Hope not

We enter the top eastern corner of New Mexico at about 8:35am on our way to Texas after going over the Raton pass (7834 ft) where there were small patches of snow along the road.

Volcano country

Stopping at Capulin Volcano.  We watched a short movie at the visitor's center before driving up to the top 

This cone shaped volcano has a beautiful little crater at the top.

This is looking up from down in the crater.

A 360

Another 360

An easy walk 

This is going back out

Through the mist you might see the bottom of the crater

Here's another look

Kinda frosty this morning

Hoar frost

Glad to have a jacket, even if it IS "big n puffy n ugly"

If you look carefully you can see a buck (or as we say here, a deer)

On down the road, here is some wall art.

Perhaps this is Texas now.  Not really sure.

Definitely in Texas here

Add caption

Sometimes I don't know why I took a particular photo.  You'll have to look closely and see if you find something interesting!

A refinery?

I guess we're in Oklahoma now for sure!

Look at the birds all lined up evenly on the wires

Ha!  This is what happens when the driver (S) blows the horn!

Oklahoma rest area

Trees getting larger, view disappearing... sigh...
Spent the last night on the road in Shawnee, OK at a Hampton Inn.  No photos from the last day traveling - too depressed!  

So on day Nineteen, we drove from Shawnee, across Arkansas and TN til back home, arriving around 9:30pm.  Thank the Good Lord for a wonderful and safe trip!  The End (now the laundry...)

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