Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out West day Nine

First visited some thermal areas around Grant Village then on up and around the lower loop.  Unfortunately due to some road work, we couldn't go straight across to Old Faithful but had to go practically the full loop to get there.  At least we got to see a lot as you'll see here.

Steam reveals the thermal spots

It's exciting to see the steam as you approach, not knowing what kind of pool you'll discover when you get closer.  Of course, C discovered that the MOST exciting aspect of these "pools" was the delicious sulphur odor permeating the otherwise fresh air!

Ugh, really?  You didn't tell me about that!

But they're SO fascinating!

I'm surprised to see such a pleasant expression...

The elk obviously didn't read the notices about not walking in this area.

Yellowstone Lake kicking up some white horses and decent sized waves.

The dragon had very bad breath!!

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!

What a pleasant valley.

Isn't this amazing?!

A feast for the eyes.

Some rangers about to ride

The upper falls

This artist wouldn't be happy for us to call this self portrait painting a "selfie".  Actually, I think it is pre-painted and he is pretending to mix paints and paint it. 

Isn't this a classic Yellowstone view of the lower falls?

And now the view is even better.

At the top of the upper falls

Yellowstone canyon looking right (?)

Canyon looking left I think


Driving by.  I wonder how this water tastes after the bitter thermal water runs into it.

A yurt anyone?

Benches to view Old Faithful.  We were early so waited 30-45 mins

In the meantime, we had nice views of another geyser going off in the distance.

OF faked it a couple times before giving us the real show.

Ooooo - ahhhhh

OK, we're building it up!

At its full height more or less on time!

The famous lodge

While the other two wandered around the lodge (C couldn't take the smell), I took off on a hike to see some more pools and geysers.  Here is the castle geyser/pool.

This is the geyser that sprays out over the boardwalk.  By the time it hit us it was already cool so OK.

Due to the cool weather and thus a lot of steam, we didn't really see much of the Grand Prismatic spring.

Here is picture of what it's supposed to look like

Wow, look at that blue!

The turquoise pool

Would you look at those twins - two Sportsmobiles 

Another geyser going off

Tonight was great stress as we searched nearly in vain for a campsite (no luck at Madison or Norris).  Luckily there were several at Indian Creek.

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