Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out West day Eleven

Heading north yet again - for Glacier this time. Beautiful open countryside as you'll see.

This actually belongs in yesterday's post.  This is Butte's big open pit mine.

Rolling along to Glacier up through the beautiful hills of Montana.

No!  Do NOT use Meth.  Seems like we need a few of these signs in TN!

From time to time there were birdhouse boxes on the fence poles.

My kind of country with 70 mile an hour speed limits on a two lane road.

Just to remind us again that it's open range in places.  This is an Indian reservation here.

First glimpse of the glacier mountains

Got to St. Mary's around 12:15pm.  Chose a site at the Johnson's campground then drove up to Babb and up the "Many glacier" valley.  I had thought people were saying "mini" glacier which in actual fact would be more descriptive!

The "mini" glacier valley

These are lodges/cabins one can stay in at this motel at the head of the valley.

Where we had lunch

Can you believe we're in the closed season?  (No worries, there was a better loo not far from here - this must be the winter loo).

Taking the Swiftcurrent trail around the lake and to the other Hotel.  Scared of bear the whole way. (Can you say "Coming through!!!" and clap your hands?) C was mortified, but I wasn't about to be eaten by a Grizzly!  They had dire warnings everywhere too - and we saw two piles of very fresh scat.

Since this trail is only little over a mile, it was well traveled which alleviated our fears somewhat.

Straight out of a travel brochure, right?  How is this possible?  Perfect picture!! (pat, pat, I'm patting myself on the back, Jack!)

This is a large and very old hotel you can see here.

Mr Beaver's been at work

The olde hotel.  Will have to research names later.

I love these old wooden buildings.  Bellhops everywhere, and an air of old fashioned opulence.

Grab yourself a chair and gaze at the wondrous view

I love 3D maps

Some interesting history as to why it was built and how a rail line was built to bring tourists in long ago.

This rock is really red!

C spotted this possible spruce grouse.  We later saw several others in the surrounding brush.

Little purple/lilac bells

Autumn starting to colour the grasses

Love this type of Alpine vegetation and typography.

Our site at the Johnson's campground.  We had an amazing roaring fire.  The wind was very strong which fanned it up to furnace strength (I'm tellin' ya).  On the surrounding hills we could hear bells tinkling on horses (to warn bear and to let the owners know where they are I suppose) as they grazed.

Big Franks roasting over a blaze.  Later the wind died down and all was peace and calm.  We had sundown worship (being a Friday) then S and I did some journal writing in the light of our lantern and the fire.  We had electricity and water at this site and guess what?  a 6 minute shower! 

Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!  This was scrumptuous.

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