Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out West day Seven

Labor Day itself.  We're wondering if we'll have trouble finding campsites at the Tetons.  After a nice sunrise, we traveled south west towards the Tetons.  On the way we passed a lovely hot springs called Thermopolis and stopped for a good ole stinky swim.

Sunrise through the net

Looks like some weather up ahead.  

Yeah, we had weather.

Some snowflakes

Little snow patches at this pass

Melted quickly though

A lake along the way...

Thermopolis pleasures

The air was cool (we weren't too far from that snow earlier) so the warm water was wonderful.

The indoor pools - looking right

Looking left

Outdoor water slide.  You climb up the hill and there's a sign that tells you to come down once the previous person has passed a certain spot. Love it!

One down

Next one

At the bottom of this indoor slide (I hated it - almost suffocated ha ha), you're told to pull on the rope and that lets the person at the top know they can come down.

Leaving Thermopolis, bipassing Riverton, through Dubois and on to the Tetons.

We followed this river out of the canyon

Another fun tunnel. Toot, toot!

Oops, another one.

They have big cows in the west!

Driving through town.

Ahh, the Tetons at last.

After we settled in the Colter Bay campsite, we walked on down to Jackson Lake for some evening shots.  No problem finding a campsite here but not a free-for-all by any means!

God made all this for you!  (I found some chalk!)

C was our fire builder tonight.  Look at that bonfire!  Thanks to a dead tree S cut up for us we had a nice supply of dry wood.

You can be proud, pathfinder!

Our site in the tall pine/fir trees.  Lots of little ground squirrels and chipmunks scampering about looking for tidbits.

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