Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out West day Ten

Frost this morning.  Cereal for breakfast then drove to Mammoth Hot Springs where the famous terraces are.  We left the park at Gardiner and on up to Livingston and Bozeman to visit friends before heading to Glacier (spending the night in Helena).
Another map refresher
Our Indian Creek campsite

Not the last time we had frost either

Going up the valley to Mammoth

Too bad they didn't have close access to this interesting looking "volcano".

Looks like snow, doesn't it?  Cold enough for it, but no, not snow.

Lovely boardwalks everywhere. I hear they have to move them every few decades or so. (I'm guessing at the decades - perhaps every few years)

Down in the valley is the little "village".

Sadly, a ranger has to fish trash out of the pools from time to time.  I guess it's possible the wind blows stuff in...

Look how times have changed - between this picture and the photo below.

A dragonfly being fossilized

Looks like a volcano in the making

Cinder cone?

My favorite pic

Someone nearby said it's better than Disney could think up.  Well, amen to that, sir!

Our big- horned sheep

Perhaps a case of confused identity.

The closest we got to a moose, sadly.

Bye-bye Yellowstone!

Impressive entrance.  I think this must be the most used entrance since it's so grand...

Out of the way, elk!

Or Mule deer - whatever you are!


Around Livingston.  I want to live here!

Downtown metropolis of Livingston

Back yard of our friends

They have two (now three) whippets

Posing in front of their house

Visiting the hubby at work in Bozeman

Montana State capital, Helena

Trying to find supper

Sniff, sniff - still on the trail


No campsite to show tonight - we stayed in luxury!  A Hampton Inn in Helena.  Got laundry done, hot showers and eating out! 
I promise you, I cannot, no cannot, beat this on my camp cookstove!

 We won't know ourselves after tonight!

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