Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out West day Thirteen

Walked down to the pond early morning.  Love it here.  S changed the oil in the van then we had a huge, scrumptous breakfast - fruit, pancakes, oatmeal, hashbrowns and other delicious goodies.  Wow, guys, we were spoilt.  After breakfast it was rockclimbing in the garage, walking the tight wire, swimming in the pond/pool and sitting in the hot-tub.  Finally at noon, we dragged ourselves away and headed east and south for the first time.  So sad to be turning back east again.  We have one week to get home.
An oasis in WA state

It's for sale if you want it. (I want it)

The pond is made to be a pool too and good for skating on in winter.

Relax by the pond

After changing the oil

On the climbing wall in their garage/shed

On the rope/chain

The water temp was brisk!

Wheat fields

We drove through the campus. K recommended it to us so we might check it out if serious.

Flying by I thought I had missed this sign.

Back into Idaho

Above Lewiston Clarkston

Sometimes we learn the most interesting things by accident - just stopping at a scenic overlook, a rest area or just a wide spot in the road.  Here we learned about this famous road and took it down into the valley instead of staying on the main double-lane highway.

 You can see road winding around the hill below.

Worth stopping here.  Got amazing black cherries, peaches, tomatoes and some seasonings. Forgot what else, but the owner man was a very nice person!

The whole 17 mile road up here was another experience in nail biting!  In this picture you have no idea of the sheer drop below!  I shudder just thinking about it.

Looking down, down, down to the right

and renegade maverick madmen hunters on the left!

Campsite (free) at the 7 devils campground.  No water, no electricity and barely a loo.  But I have to concede it turned out OK and was a most beautiful spot.  Only one other family in the campground and just a unique and amazing place.  You'll see the lake tomorrow.

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