Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out West day Four

After a nice hot breakfast of hashbrowns, eggs, etc, we packed up and left at 9:40am under overcast skies, 66'F and 100% humidity!

This is like driving in the Natal/Transkei grasslands.  We saw a jackal (coyote), bison and many birds including ring-necked pheasant and grebes etc.  Misty then sunny.  We've been stopping for pics a lot.  
Lake Pickerel

Nothing like the green prairies and fertile crops

We are stopping SO OFTEN!  Just can't pass up photo opps like this!

More uniform corn fields

Another new one for C

Now we add sunflowers

Cathedral of the Prairie or something like that

Catholics have changed the 10 commandments.  They claim this as their authority over Scriptures.  Many Protestants have followed them, especially of the fourth (the true 4th).  They have also completely removed the 2nd commandment forbidding images.

Inside the cathedral.  I was able to play the organ too.  The priest was preparing for a funeral in about an hour.

Adding to the beauty of the cathedral

Dramatic skies in the midwest

We decided to camp out in the prairies

We chose this spot at the crest of a hill.

C had some practice time to catch up on

OK - we're waiting, we're waiting!

Ahhh, music to our ears!

Spectacular sunset

From inside.  I had eaten some bison jerky - got violently sick! No more bison for me!

Now I'm thinking I should have moved away from the cello so the sun would have fit the curve!

After dark S and C had fun with long exposure "writing" and pictures using their headlamps.
This is definitely one of our favorite camping spots.  And it was free!

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