Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out West day Three

After walking around the park a bit, we left around 9 and headed north again towards the Pipestone park in Minnesota before heading west into South and North Dakota.

Yes, L and C's team pushed upstream.  What a tough job!

Rolling green but haven't reached the plains yet.

Lots of bits of information along the way.

Me thinks we're starting to see prairie.

This is in an Indian reservation.  Very pretty.

The only fatality on L and C's expedition.  Sargeant Floyd's gravesite memorial overlooking the Missouri river.

From the memorial to Floyd.

Ah, the prairie at last.

Be ready for lots of selfies (and not of me, the author)

360 of the grasslands at "Touch the Sky WMA".  Love it

Picnic lunch

Lots of these wild prairie sunflowers

There was some controversy when these windmills went in but became a good source of income for the faltering local economy

A "specimen"

Diorama of Pipestone indians mining the stone

A modern day pipestone carver

We took a little walk

Some local architecture

Why did I take this picture?

A neat little farm

Definitely prairie now.  Dilapidated but picturesque.
Arrived at Pickerel State Park in northern South Dakota.  Here we are set up in spot #69.  After dark C and I threw the football to each other - not easy, let me tell you!  C fixed her headlamp around it and that worked for a while.  Thankfully were on the grass.

We set up the tarp due to some sprinkling rain (much to S's chagrin).  I think it's genius!  At times it was so hilarious setting it up I was rolling on the ground laughing so hard.

Sitting by the lake.  It was very misty.

Then we pretended to be kids for a while

Large leaf, is it not?

So photogenic.  

No, not you!

And who do you suppose this eye belongs to?

Yes, I suppose you!
Supper was spaghetti with basil pesto, and a salad made with lettuce and spinach.

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