Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out West day Twelve

What a glorious way to spend Sabbath - driving through Glacier Nat'l Park and looking at the spectacular vistas - the creation of God.

Please forgive all the photos.  It's really hard to contain yourself when around every corner is a vista beyond description.

Jackson glacier

Zoomed in a bit

Fully zoomed.  So this was actually the biggest glacier we saw in the park.  I think there are hikes to some other large ones ?

I'm not too fond of these naked roads.

Zoomed in to see Logan Pass

Coming through!

The parking lot at Logan pass was filling up quickly and by the time we left a couple hours later, people were in lines waiting for spots to open up.

Why, hello, little fellow.

This is what he is.

A mountain goat with fame on his mind... what a beautiful pose, young man, or shall I say kid.

Then he calmly ambled past with his study collar on and went to find his lady friends down the valley a ways on the other side.

We took the very popular Hidden Lake trail.  It's just over a mile (like 1.2 or 3).

The first section was a boardwalk

Lovely wild flowers... "The hills are alive...."

I've zoomed in to show some mountain goats on the top edge of the snow bank but I won't blame you if you don't see them.  I just happened to notice one or two walking across the snow and up onto the rocks above it.  Later they all slipped and slid down the snow onto the rocks below.  It almost looked like they were enjoying the slide!

See the marmot on the rock?

This is NOT hidden lake although it IS hidden from the road below!  I think it's actually more of a puddle from some recent rain.

Here is the hidden lake area.

There are at least two lakes here.

A board with the peaks' names.

Another goat is walking down the hill

These goats waste no time.  They know exactly where they're going.

Patterns in the rock

One of God's creations

Here's a stuffed cousin of the marmot up the hill.

Starting the terrifying trip down

Believe me, I was white-knuckled the whole way down!

Vehicles larger than 35 feet not allowed, nor trailers.

Isn't this old-fashioned bus cute?

Look at that color, would you?

OK, tell me now if you don't think I had reason to be a little paranoid!

Leaving Glacier and westward ho!
In Montana, you see the peak up to Glacier and now we do steps down to the I90 and across Idaho at Coeur d'Alene to Spokane WA.
Heading south

Flathead Lake reminds me of Tahoe in a way

One of those "gotta stop for this one" places

Most of my photos are taken out the car window - hence you see reflections, dirty spots from the window, blurry shots etc.  Often it's a hit or miss situation but sometimes it works out.

Good example of the dirty window situation

We don't see these out east that often - a threesome

And what's with exit 0?


Our destination for the night at some friends south of Spokane

Now this is how windows should be!

S and I stayed in the guest cottage.  SO cute!!  We love this place.  Tomorrow you'll see more pics of the gardens, pond and other landscaping.

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