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Africa Day Three (Friday, Nov 28)

Didn't even give "Black Friday" a second thought!  Neither Thanksgiving for that matter, (even though we were sad to miss it before we left...) I suppose we were distracted by other things beautiful and exciting.

Woke up early to the sound of Hah-di-dahs and a model airplane being flown around in the park.  (5am? really?!) Hah-di-dahs have moved into the area since I lived here - they were always more north/east like in Natal etc...believe me!

After a good breakfast, we left for Stellenbosch  via the strawberry fields then on to Jonkershoek and continuing in a loop.  Pictures will tell more.
Bigger picture
Today we're doing the pink loop

Helderberg from the west

Helderberg range.  The large dome is 4th peak, the one on the right is 1st.  
The strawberry fields with wild scarecrow creations

Where I used to board

Oaks in Stellenbosch

Approaching Jonkershoek nature preserve

Three of us youngsters climbed these peaks many years ago - no ropes or protection... how foolish we were in the old days, eh?

King Protea - the national flower of South Africa

Fynbos covers the mountainsides.

The "coke"- coloured water - from the tannins in the fynbos.

Going on a hike from the end of the loop road

Hiking up to the first falls

A creature along the way

On up the valley

The first little falls

If it had been warmer (and we'd had a change of clothes), I think we might have swum.

Crystal clear water - really!

A pincushion protea

Going across to Franschhoek

Jacaranda in the Cape?  Where was I 25 years ago?  How come I didn't notice these? Or have I had amnesia?

Many variations of Cape Dutch style architecture

Waiting for lunch in Franschhoek

Huguenot Monument in Franschhoek.  Like many things, one now has to pay to enter these previously free places! We didn't pay because one can enjoy the view from the road, so there!

Franschhoek valley, going up the pass
The valley was settled by the French Huguenots who were persecuted a couple or so centuries ago.

We have relatives who live on the left side of the valley as seen here.

When I was a child, I was given a twin lamb to hand raise (from our relatives' farm) and enjoyed her very much.  This valley has good memories for me :)

Heading on up the pass.  Excuse all the photos...this is one of those "garden of Eden" places where one can't help oneself!

An attempt at a 180' panorama pic

A deep valley on the other side

Took some back roads to drive across to Botrivier and down to the coast 

Kleinmond area I think it was

Found a large caterpillar struggling up the sand dune.  Picked it up and put it in the bushes. Those "eyes" are really a bluff and its little head is on the end of the "snout".

Betty's Bay area

Gotta catch at least one handstand!

Ouch!  The water is freezing! No swimming today ha ha.

Selfie time

At Stony Point near Betty's Bay, we visited with some cute little penguins

Hello dahling!

Giving me the "eye".

I believe they were nesting and come back in the evenings to feed their young?

Also moulting?  I'll have to research.

Quite a large colony here

False Bay and a view of Table Mtn and Devil's Peak from the end (at Cape Town) from Rooi-els

Dirt road traffic circle in Rooiels

The traffic circle straight ahead

Towards Koel Bay

The water looks more than inviting!

Helder/Hottentots valley from the other side than this morning.  We've done a full circle.

Gordon's bay beach

Strand beach
Strand beach with Hangklip in the distance - near Rooi-els where we just were!  The road travels along the side of those mountains.

We enjoyed watching the kite surfers.  I have video which I'll try to download here

Part of the Hottentot range

Beautiful Gladioli in our room!

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