Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Africa Day Fifteen (Wednesday Dec 10)

Electricity guys came to work on a fault in the flat.  They were able to fix it, yay!  Helped with stuff around the flat and demonstrated the new BD tablet!  S and C went down to Southport in the meantime.

Around 11:30 we left for Ramsgate to the "Waffle House" which is not like the US waffle house - here they have more savoury dishes with the waffle. 
Some of the menu (Remember, the exchange rate is R11 to $1.  We just divided by 10 and knew it was a little cheaper than that.)

Enjoying the time together at the waffle house

After lunch we walked down to the beach and back

Through some lovely gardens

We have a Tanglewood in Massachusettes, right?

The waffle house is along the river

I think those fish know they'll get a few morsels now and then

I took these pics for a work colleague who desperately wants to get in a shark cage for some reason!

Vegetable ivory, sugar cane and other reeds grow everywhere.
Lets hope this is an unused train line!

The river by Port Shepstone
Flamboyant tree
Another one near our cabin
The folk live in a corner flat.  This is from the back.
The front corner with the rain water tank

View of the sea

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