Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The trip home from Africa (Wednesday Dec 24)

Due to storms in Durban, we missed that flight and   following two connections, and were thus delayed 24 hours, so only left South Africa on Dec 24, arriving USA on a Christmas day to remember!  Spent Christmas over 3 continents - Africa, Europe and N. America.  Fun, yeah!

Granny and Grandpa reading a letter on the new tablet
Early morning at Anerley

The bright blue sea on our way to Durban

Look at these skies.  Can you imagine that huge storms would blow in over Durban and delay us 24 hours?

Sugar cane

Vendors selling their wares on the freeway

Waiting for a taxi in a hotel we couldn't afford! (Had finally arrived in Joburg at 10 or 11pm and had to fend for ourselves finding accommodation for the night)

Early morning in the hotel we COULD afford.

Out our window - Johannesburg

Leave me alone, I still want to sleep!

OK, I'll have to continue my sleep here in the airport.  Do you notice the orange therm-a-rest? Believe me, people, I stuck the thermarest in my carry-on and it was SUCH a blessing on more than one occasion.

For less than $6 we wrapped a couple of the questionable suitcases - kept them together AND safe!

Noticed the anticipation on this little girls face...

Grannys' purses are always full of the most wonderful surprises and goodies, aren't they?

Aww, so sweet, and so universal to human experience.

Can you imagine going down the escalator with your luggage cart?  Well, we did and it IS possible!

This was lunch in the airport - a vegetarian pizza. Loved those black, salty calamata olives!

Walked up to the observation deck.  There was a small museum there.

This is all flat on the floor but looks 3D

It's a busy airport

I CERTAINLY don't want to bring a riffle - that's just too much risk!  And who would even THINK of bringing a toy gun, ugh!

A man coming up behind me on the escalator.  The metal bar on the front is to keep the luggage from falling off when going down.
One international lounge - I think there were at least 2 or 3 this size.

Leaving Joburg 

The reverse of our arriving trip

Our flights were relatively full on the way back.  But we still had 3 seats for 2 of us.

Coming into London I think.  We flew over Paris too but I didn't get photos because clouds were coming in over the city.

Leaving London Christmas day. Believe me, it didn't really feel like a Christmas day.

I see  flight time to Atlanta is about 9 hours from where we were, which is just out of London over the English channel.

So we arrived in Atlanta just after 2pm and S was there to pick us up!  Praise the Lord for a safe, worthwhile, productive and wonderful trip!

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