Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Africa Day Thirteen (Monday Dec 8)

Walked through more of the farm before setting off for Natal in the morning.
Woke up to a misty morning
Front lawn

They have two beautiful sheepdogs

Dipping tank

Shearing area
This is an old farm.  This building was built in the 1800's or early 1900's

The old antique wagon used to carry wool or milk or something in the old days

Self-closing gate

Peter Rabbit, a family pet

Their swimming pool when they need it

Un-ending fields

A and R

Leaving the farm

Imagine a driveway like this?

The old railway bridge through their property

Initiation huts
So we go north from Cathcart to Queenstown and then across. (follow the blue line)

From Kokstad on down to Port Shepstone and then about 8km up the coast to Anerley.

Different house

A passenger train goes by

A passenger horse goes by

Passed through numerous small towns like this such as Lady Frere, Cala, Elliot, Ugie, Maclear, Mt. Fletcher, Matatiele;  then on to Kokstad and then Port Shepstone.

Drakensberg constantly to our left

Looks like a ski resort in the distance. (but it ain't)

Relatively close to my birth place

Someone started this fire.  Not sure the reasoning behind it.  Saw a man not too far away from it...


Approaching Matatiele


Our cabin at Anerley 

Grandpa by the back door

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