Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Africa Day Twenty (Monday Dec 15)

After some work around the house and errands, we drove down to the Southcoast Mall.  More family pics and other.

Sometimes the Umzimkulu (or any other coastal river for that matter) makes a straight edge against the sea as it comes in, like this.

A and R came by on their way to 'Toti for a family gathering

Family photos

Another day, another view

Sorry this clip is sideways.  Can't edit from iPhoto which is where I'm accessing it!

 Following, we have a bunch of really OLD family photos.  I'm not going to explain who each one is, don't worry!

Hastings, March 4, 1880
Dear Nellie,  I have scribbled on the other side a line or two for your album I (?) promised long ago.  Some day I will try and send you something better. ? the love? good weather?  Believe me, Yours truly, ? H. Davy/Darcy?
? Nellie Belcher

Can you read this?  I can't really.

"I dreamt that I was singing, singing all for her;
And still the ? went singing, Far over land and sea.

Went singing till they found thee, though so far away,
and softly floating round thee, made? music all the day.


At least he looks like a boy now...

Bottom garden at Flass house in Durham, I believe

A family house in the 1920's
Anyway, since this blog is for family et al, those who aren't interested can skip all these. (so say I at the end of the page!)

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