Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Arriving in South Africa. Day Two (Thursday, Nov 27)

Arrived 30 minutes late in Johannesburg at mid-morning.  Had to literally sprint through the airport to make the next flight to Cape Town - through customs, immigration, re-check baggage, and following an airport attendant who volunteered himself to show us where to go fast, down through the vast airport to domestic departures.  The plane was ready to take off as we jumped on the little shuttle bus to take us to the plane but we made it! (minus an iPod but that's another {sad} story).

At this point in the flight we're over Angola

I wonder what this is?

We were blessed with 'empty' flights and on each leg, we were able to stretch out as desired.

North of Cape Town - looks like some wheat fields

Table Bay to the right of us.

The wing's position covers Table Mountain

A Mall - N1 shopping centre

You can barely see the bottom of Devil's peak in the clouds.

Almost two days of travel coming to an end (and the minus 7 hours we gained coming east)

For those whose geography is a little rusty, here is Africa and we're right at the bottom at that red square that says Cape Town!

So here is South Africa.  We're in the yellow section at the bottom.
So this is the yellow section.  We're arriving where you can see the black aeroplane in the Cape Town area, and then driving to Somerset West along False Bay.

Our first views of the Helderberg range. 

Cousin J was in a Christmas year-end program put on by her school

We stayed with my cousins in Somerset West.  Staying with them made everything SO much better.  Thank you, thank you, W and L.

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