Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Africa Day Nine (Thursday Dec 4)

Bea-u-ti-ful day in the Cape!  We hurried out to Cape Town to make it up the cable car before the wind picked up again as we know it will.
The model airplaner
Hurrying in to CT to catch the cable.  We notice some cloud on the end of the mountain...

C gets a pic of UCT, my alma mater

I think this is the day!
C was amazed to see windows open in the sky scrapers.  We had to remind her they didn't have air conditioning.
Waiting for our turn

Inside the cable car
Hike or ride?  I guess we'll ride this time!
We passed over some hikers

It only takes 5 mins to get up/down

The floor revolves 360' during the 5 min trip
Not to brag or anything, but I've rock climbed these cliffs...amazing!
Our car is parked down there on that road
From the top (Camp's Bay)

Sometimes we'd park down there and rock climb the cliffs on this side.
12 apostles

So why is there a picture of the middle east behind the plaque?
We're on the light brown flat part

City center

Devil's peak in cloud...

The flat top

Someone coming up the last few steps of platteklip gorge.  The wind was brisk up this canyon.

Notice all the cairns
We took the hike across the whole top of Table mountain to the McClear's beacon (about 4-6km total).  Misty on this end of the mountain.
Beautiful heather everywhere

At last the beacon - no views, but just the feeling of accomplishment.
A triangle peg in a round hole?

Back at the lodge area
Dassies/Rock rabbits - a mama and her baby
I guess they breed like - what else? - rabbits.

Another forgivable selfie

Sheer drop
What it looks like inside.  The floor rotates around the middle.
Leaving the top station

Approaching the other one

The table cloth is being laid
10 minutes after we got down, the cable car was closed again.  Praise the Lord we were able to go in that window of opportunity.

Adderley Street
Fresh fish madam?

Parliament buildings
This one got around despite a missing foot
Parliament building.  Cape Town is the Judicial capital of SA

Not only the pigeons but squirrels want in on the action.

Baby bird in the nest
Now a baby weaver bird
Another old tree

Adderley Street

The famous flower market on Adderley

And the smell of fresh cut flowers permeates the air

When we arrived home, L had a Greek FEAST prepared for us!  Wow!
You are amazing L!  And the food was incredible. Musaka, scalloped potatoes, roasted vegetables, pita bread and a type of hummus/dip; salad, olives and sparkling grape juice.  We were totally spoilt!

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