Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Africa Day Six (Monday, Dec 1)

Got up early so C could go to school for a few hours with Jenna.  After we picked her up again, we drove via Muizenburg to the peninsula and back again.

Today we're driving the green route to the Cape of Good Hope
The road into Vergelegen
Turns out they only open at 9 and we were there just after 8am, so we postponed the visit til tomorrow.  You'll see more pics then.
Looks like the wind is starting to pick up...

Drove up Helderberg College road to pick C up.
Tis the season for flowering gums.  This road looks pretty much the same as it did 25 years ago!
Admin building and classrooms
Our old high school
A noisy place in the old days - which is probably why they moved the school out of there, haha.

Common hangout during breaks
My childhood house - prune plum tree on the right
This used to be a stable and paddock
The farm
Dairy farm at one time

 Then we headed out to the peninsula.

The road goes past Kayelitsha - the shanty town outside of Cape Town

Notice the cement "porta"-potties.  I think it's prolly mostly because of the gale force winds in the area.  Other than that I don't know why anyone would want to steal them!

It's a mega city!

But notice they all have electricity!

Oh! It's False Bay!

Can the road get any closer to the beach?!

Changing rooms

The train line goes right past the beach

St. James beach with swimming pool

Turn around and you see this
Well, wait long enough and you'll get a train!
Another little town


Simon's Town (Naval base)

Simon's Town street
What are these, you ask?  Funny you should ask.  It's quite obvious they're penguin nests.
Another penguin colony at Boulders
Since we came last time, we now have to pay bookoos to go down to the beach to be with the penguins... We didn't.

You can tell why the beach is called Boulders...

I would hate to have to park my car here.  There's a deep drop to the sea if you overshoot that little wall!

You can see a speed boat speeding towards the boulders.  Obviously he knows where the deep channel is because he just sped right through there at top throttle.

In the Cape Peninsula Nature Reserve (whatever the name is...)

Oh, Uncle Bob, is that you?

Better run!

Before walking up the long, steep hillside in the blazing sun

Looking back from whence...

Vygie (pronounced "Fay-ghee")

At the lighthouse mentioned above

Looking back along the route we've just come along the peninsula.
Looking to the end of the point

We were just at that lighthouse.  One can walk further to the point which is what we did.

The farthest we could go

This is for the little lighthouse down below us.

Do you think it was windy?
At least the hair isn't straight out like an unfurled flag!!

To give some perspective, there's a lobster boat down below.

Toilets must be underground

Going back along the other side of the peninsula. This is approaching Kommetjie.  See the whale?
You gave up?  Here it is.
The Kommetjie lighthouse

Long Beach at Noordhoek.  Famous for horse riders.

Looking at Hout Bay

This is Chapman's Peak drive

There's a 'seal island' somewhere around here
How's this for a drive-by shooting?

Also known, or used to be known, as The Republic of Hout Bay (tongue in cheek).

We had lunch/supper overlooking this scene

Yummy vegetarian

The restaurant

I didn't ask what the celebration was - maybe there doesn't have to be one, haha.
Check out my grass beard
Heading towards Constantia Nek

The first restaurant I ever went to - age 12!
Climbing the lion at Rhodes Memorial

I pointed the lions paw right next to where I used to live (red roofed to the right).  The church is the Mowbray church I used to go to.
'Nobody' here when we came...Up the hill is Devil's Peak

Alma Mater
After a wrong turn, we landed up downtown Cape Town.  But no worries - did a U-wie and went back.

The Cape Doctor is visiting and has laid his tablecloth.

These are solar water geyser heaters on top of the roofs.

Helder means "clear" but sometimes even Helderberg can be covered.  It looks like a nuclear mushroom cloud here.

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