Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Africa Day Eleven (Sabbath, Dec 6)

The sun comes up early!  Woke up 5:30 but of course last night we went to bed relatively early and the electricity had gone off around 7pm (came back on around 8:30pm but by then we were ready for bed).
Yes, wow....was someone bored?

The Addo Elephant park where we're headed, is right above the Port Elizabeth name (and Algoa bay) on the map (also known as PE) 
Leaving Knysna and continuing up the coast on a beautiful Sabbath morning

SA's don't think twice about the mixing of languages in one sentence/phrase!  Here is "Piesang Valley Rd" which is "Banana Valley" rd.  It really should read "Piesang Vallei Pad"
Coming into Plettenberg Bay

Watch out for falling rocks!

View of Plett
Plenty to do around Plett


Nature's Valley

Poor jellyfish

We crossed the river, here running into the sea


Nature's Valley from up the valley...

A LONG way down!

Please don't slip or fall

The main bird you hear in this clip is the 'Piet-my-vrou' (you also hear me calling it once)

These kids seem quite cheerful even stuffed into a hot, cramped rear truck canopy (camper)
They were happy I was going to take their picture.


Really? (someone is sneaking photos of me!)

Breakwater concrete in Port Elizabeth

Yay, our destination
The sea is just over these dunes

We were to stay at Camp Matyholweni ("Ma-tol-WEH-nee")

Registration building

Our self-catering cottage

Since we arrived just after midday, we immediately did a drive into the park
Saw plenty of these 'lovely' creatures...
Piggy has to get as close to the grass as possible

This little buck was lying quietly in the grass, not moving a muscle.

Hey, turn around please!

A leopard tortoise or something.

Dung beetles have right of way! (see sign later)

Cape Buffalo (bad tempered animals usually)



Entrance station

Eating supper on our deck
Hmmm, shoulda known some uninvited guests would show up!

They know where the kitchen is!

Moon rise
 End of a lovely Sabbath.

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