Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Africa Days 21 and on (Tuesday Dec 16 - 23rd)

Will combine the last week or so as I didn't take too many pics.  We did shopping, cleaning, sorting, some swimming (didn't take camera on some of the trips, sadly), and ran other errands.  That's about it!

A sunset reflected in the eastern sky

A sunrise

A "everlasting" from the sheep farm.  They are papery flowers that feel dry and like crepe paper.  They make gorgeous dried flowers and keep their colour well.

Remembering the birthday celebration here so many years ago.

An Anerley beach

Anerley pool on our Sunday morning walk

The Bells

A crab's two-door garage

I got a cut on a barnacle or something.  Skin is all wrinkled from the water.

These came up and bloomed all in the space of a day or two


Waffle House Cream cheese Avo waffle (I think I had already eaten a couple slices of extra avo before taking the picture).  This is hands down the best waffle EVER tasted!

Posted on a grocery store window

Grandpa got some painted photos of famous paintings in Italy or Spain MANY years ago.  This is the praying Samuel.

The baby Jesus

The Divine Shepherd

Some prince

Christmas dinner

Guess what someone found in their cracker?!

Christmas pudding thanks to Little Debbie and "Maple Raisin" ice-cream.

Granny and C

C and Kalipha - haven't seen each other in almost 5 years.

Oh, a choppy day!

Sunrise before 5am

Went inside for a while and came back to this

The beautiful thing about the sea is that every day it's totally different.

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