Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Africa Day Nineteen (Sunday Dec 14)

A working day.  We cleaned and sorted, ran a few errands.  Took some photos of artifacts etc.
Granny's tray with picture of Durham from the farm

Grandpa's medals side one

Grandpa's medals side two

Stone inlay from Italy

Grandpa in his younger days
 The next bunch of pictures is of money he collected over the years.  Scroll to the bottom if you're not interested in old money.

Antique Italy

C sleeping on the floor on the porch (we actually moved on Monday so this is a photo from then)

Breakfast is ready

Great grandpa H's painting of Grindelwald, Switzerland.

Great Aunty Kay and grandkids to the right


Worship time

Antique Lithograph (?) of Durham (from the Prior's path).

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