Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Africa Day Seven (Tuesday Dec 2)

Started out at the Vergelegen farm and farmhouse while waiting for Jenna to finish a hair appointment.  After that we headed to Hout Bay again on business, then into Cape Town itself.  Unfortunately it was one of those infamous "Southeaster Gale Force Wind days".  However, I'm glad everyone got to experience it!

At Vergelegen it seemed like it was raining.  We looked up...
All we saw was this - there was so much moisture in the air from the wind blowing the clouds over the Hottentots that it was actually spitting rain out of blue sky

Spinach and onions

These are very old trees from the 1700's

The poor old thing is hollow and has to be braced with metal bars further up.

Hmmm, we don't want the wall to fall down now, do we?
What's that in the tree?
A noisy peacock!

On the way back to Hout Bay, we passed my old primary school friend's farm.  I remember the name, amazingly!


Lion's Head
12 apostles covered by cloud

By now the full force of the wind could be felt.

There's a reason these bushes grow sideways!

Camp's Bay
We got thoroughly sand-blasted walking on the beach.

Waiting for lunch
Yay, dogs allowed!

Clifton beaches
We walked down to beach #2 or 3

This way, then that way...right, then left...
Then this way again
Finally got down to the bottom.
Those who were braving the beach were all huddled behind rocks for the best shelter they could find.

Closer now to Lion's Head

Nice flats - but prolly pricey!

Some poor couple was getting their wedding photos done - they didn't stay long
The people in those flats have to park above their houses

Going back up the stairs took a little longer than coming down.

Entrance to a house
A driveway

Mouille Point lighthouse

The Cape Town "nest" - stadium used for the 2010 World Cup Football (soccer)

Harbour front mall or Waterfront mall, something like that!

What? Another "eye"?

Cape Town waterfront
Entrance 4.  I'm certainly glad they number the entrances because it can be confusing!

Wild and woolly clouds over Table Mountain

Horrors - a fire has been started on Lion's head.  In this wind it would be almost impossible to stop.  As we left town we could see helicopters dumping loads of water on it.

Don't these cranes look like giraffes down by the harbour?

The way home.  See what I mean about the Helderberg range staying clear?
A movie set, we hear.
To illustrate the amount of moisture in the air
and have you ever seen a rainbow in the blue sky?  No, I hadn't either!
Sunset from the flat
The peaceful garden goes to sleep for the evening

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