Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Africa Day Sixteen (Thursday, Dec 11)

Did some errands around Anerley and walked to the local shops for things.

In the afternoon we went to Uvongo beach and had a lovely swim - nice hot day.

Granny kindly kept cavey for our stuff and enjoyed just sitting and reading an interesting book!

Swimming in the river/lagoon

Uvongo many (?) years ago.
Uvongo now, in 2014

If you appreciate the art, put your donation in the box provided!

Our cabin

An antique snuff box

An antique shaving knife salvaged from the bottom of the Thames in London.  Yeah, not sure how.  Perhaps from fishing!  It was found in the early 1900's and was from quite a while before that!  Perhaps someone could date it.

Flowers in front of the flat

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