Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Africa Day Eighteen (Sabbath Dec 13)

Sabbath School, Church, then potluck.  Went visiting in the afternoon.  Rain in the evening and our adventure.  God gave us a little adventure to bring home to us that we will NEVER be alone.  He gave this little lesson because we were feeling alone and depressed after S left. Will explain more at the end.

Some selfies in the cabin before church.

Church this day was just music and Scripture.

That's my old science teacher doing the readings! He seemed glad to see me, although I know I was a pain in his --- when a student!

At the potluck
Eating dessert

The following and above, are pictures at the Anerley Haven where we went visiting

The smoking lounge?

Many gardens there

After the visit, we drove down to Southport to look at the waves.  Notice the rock in the center of the picture.  I was trying to capture the huge wave splash over it.  Seems like I missed it!

 Maybe a video will do better.  This isn't of a particularly large wave but anyway!

Another day, another view.

Dr Fanie le Roux playing for vespers

Barry and Corgi Sookraj.  They are wonderful, helpful, Christian people.  God bless them over and over again!

Quinten giving the vespers talk.
Times listed to the left give the time for music/singing, reading/talk and lastly, the sunset time.
Rain came in right at vespers time so we arrived late. In this clip taken at the cabin, you can hear the thunder... We weren't going anywhere soon.

After vespers and supper we headed home in the old Monza (not even made anymore, we found out).  On the way home, as part of God's lesson to us, the car broke down about 3/4 km from home - in the dark, in the rain, no phone.  We barely pushed it off the deserted road, locked it up, gathered our valuables and started walking to the cabin (at Klein Paradys).  Part way up the steep hill 2 men came walking towards us.  I prayed for safety and they walked right by us as if they didn't see us!  I know it was an angel making us invisible.  After that I prayed "Lord, please make the car invisible too", and He did!  To cut a long story short, two men from the Klein Paradys compound went down and towed the car back up and parked it safely behind the security fence.  Just the previous night we'd had police in that area - I didn't ask why, but perhaps investigating something!  So, God proved to us in a very tangible way that He has His protecting arm over us and WILL NEVER leave or forsake us!  I give Him praise and thanks and all the glory!

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